How Can Updating My Routine and Paradigm Help Me Succeed in Business Online?

I think this is an important question for anyone considering, or already working in business online to ask themselves. You see, we are all creatures of habit, and tend do do things repetitively or by a pattern. Now, it may be that the existing pattern is working for you, and you are getting acceptable results. However, what if I asked you about a possible change and improvement in your approach, and routine? I know I may have some of you a little confused, so will elaborate and explain further.

When ever we work on a project online, as a business model, we tend to establish a plan, and then, if we are methodical and organised, follow through on that plan. At least, I hope you have a plan, because if you are not following some plan, you are blowing in the breeze, and your success is less likely to be guaranteed. However, getting back to my point, we often need to check that we are working on a system that is as good as it can be. After all, systems change, people’s expectations change.

I will refer to my experience to explain more clearly. When I first started working online, I knew little about websites, and even less about creating a stream of regular traffic. At least, I knew I needed to learn more, but was scared about the things I didn’t even know, that I did not know. You may need to read that a few times over, but acknowledging that you can always learn more is pivotal in this exercise. Another way to put it, is that you may need to upgrade your paradigm of thinking.

There are always new improvements and systems that are being created or discovered, and knowing about them and implementing them can increase our profits to higher levels. Please note that I am not suggesting you just change, for the sake of change, but rather, recognise that as time goes by, there may be better ways to achieve better results. I like to think of it as a continuing education, and for this reason, attend regular seminars, webinars, and study new course material, as it becomes available in my various niches.

Our habits are another way of describing our thinking patterns, and sometimes, we need to clean the closet, and start with fresh ideas. Look at how large corporations have changed over the years? This has occurred due to technology, for one reason. Now, as a small business, operating from home, or even an office, you need to recognise that over time your thinking will need to change, to remain updated, rather like computer software. Even the word processing program I am using now to write this article is at version seven. The programmers found new ways and better features to install, and thus, released a newer version, to help me, as a user.

The same can be said for your thinking, and methods of getting things done. Remaining idle is at your own risk, and potential downfall.