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The Who, Why, What, Where, When and How of Marketing Your Small Business Online

Posted on May 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

An internet marketing service can help you match your products and services up with buying customers by providing you important information on the Five Ws of successful marketing. By knowing the answers to these questions, you can then go on to create a no-fail campaign to reach your target audience. A sense of clarity will allow you to focus on your market with laser accuracy and ensure success.

Let’s take a look at the Five W’s (and one H) of a Successful Marketing Campaign:

  • Who is your customer? It is impossible to be successful in any market if you do not know who you want to communicate with. You need to clearly define who your customer is and the demographics of this audience. Once that is established, you can strategize a marketing plan to hit your market.
  • Why do you want to reach your target market? You need to decide if you want to inform, teach, sell or all of the above. This will help you decide the right course of action to take to reach your market and the best possible means of delivery. Before you build your website, this is critical information you need.
  • What you want to give your customers. You need to give your customers the Five W’s of your products or services. They need to know that:
  • You understand Who they are.
  • You know Why they want it.
  • You have What they need
  • Tell them How to get it.
  • Show them Where to get it.
  • Tell them When they can have it.

Where can you reach your customers? Once you know who your customers are and what they want, you need to figure out where to go to get your message to them. This is one area where you need an experienced internet marketing service to help you. It is one of the most vital bits of information that will determine the success of your campaign.

When is your product or service available? If you have time sensitive information or you are doing a product launch, you need to know when to start publicizing. Most products also have a sales cycle where there are certain times of the year that are naturally more profitable than other times of the year. Understanding this cycle can help you to plan your marketing campaign to increase the sales during your “slow season”.

How will you reach your target audience? This will bring clarity to your plan of action. How will you get your message across and what strategies you will put in place so your potential customers can find you? How will you deliver your message? Will it be a website, a blog, paid advertising? There are a number of options available to you but it must be customized using all of the information you have gathered from the Five W’s that your internet marketing service has provided for you.

Bringing clarity to the focus of your campaign can be the difference between success and failure online. Unless you fully understand your market, you cannot possibly reach them with any degree of accuracy. Guesswork in business is costly. An internet marketing service can take all of the guesswork out of successfully promoting your small business online.